What is the difference between a Wedding Designer a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator? 

A Wedding Designer (or stylist) will focus more on the aesthetics of your wedding. They have the ability to transform a space from a blank canvas to a celebratory atmosphere.

A Wedding Planner tends to focus more on the logistics of a wedding. From vendor contracts and referrals to day of execution. They keep track of budgeting and resourcing. Everything from the pre-wedding festivities to the honeymoon can be arranged by your wedding planner. They make planning a wedding as seemless and smooth as possible. 

A Wedding Coordinator is also logistics oriented but on a shorter timeline than a planner. A coordinator is often hired for day of or month of coordinating. They make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish on the day of your wedding.

What services does Ambelah Designs provide?

We are Wedding Designers and focus in on the decor and sensory experience you and your guests will have. We do consider many of the logistics involved and assure timely execution on our behalf.

However, the flow of your wedding day should be left to a professional planner or coordinator. If you don’t have either, we work with different Wedding Planners and have in-house Coordinators that we could refer you to.

What if I already have a Wedding Planner?

Great! We love to connect with other professionals in the wedding industry. We believe a professional wedding planner is key to ensuring a stress-free and well coordinated event. 

How far in advance should I book?

As soon as possible. Our design process can take anywhere between 6 months to a year. There are many aspects to event decor both functional (chairs, tables, etc.) and visual (centerpieces, candles, etc.). Decor will be one of the biggest investments for your wedding in both time and money. Knowing where you stand from the beginning helps the flow of your planning process. 

And...our exclusive attention to each wedding only allows us to book a limited amount of weddings per year. 

Where are you located?

We are based out of San Jose, CA. We serve surrounding areas and will gladly travel up to 50 miles away from our studio.

Will you travel further?

We can travel further. However, the further out, the less connections we have with vendors. Most of our preferred vendors are willing to travel, but that creates added traveling fees for our couples.

This doesn’t limit us. We can always find vendors closer to your venue, we may just have never worked with them. 

How much do wedding flowers cost?

This is the single most asked question and the answer varies greatly. On average our couples spend about 10%-20% of their entire wedding budget on flowers. Flowers are a luxury expense and should be approached as an investment. But before that scares you:

If you are shopping around, we can honestly say that our prices fall in line with most professional florists, floral designers and event stylists. 

Can I provide my own flowers and have your team put them together?

For the most part, no. We work with reliable growers and providers to receive product that our team is used to working with. Much to everyone’s surprise, most wedding flowers are not freshly cut. To get fully opened flowers at the peek of perfection we start the conditioning and care of them up to a week in advance. Every type of flower requires a different approach to timing and care. 

Having said that, we have worked with couples that have connections with growers and providers we trust and have had no issues working with them.