It was a beautiful Tuesday morning out at Hero Ranch in the foothills of San Jose, CA. The dew was starting to fade and the weather was perfectly crisp. As I walked up to the Ranch’s barn that was converted into a fabulous event venue, I was greeted by my new floral friend, Trang Vo. 

Trang is the owner of Vo Floral Design. Not only is she a talented creative, she is also an influencer, trend-setter and educator. This is one of the ways she gives back to the floral community; By educating other creatives in intimate workshops such as this one. It was beautiful, informative,  thought-provoking and fun! Being able to just “play” with this amount of flowers is every florist’s dream. I and all the other attendees were like kids in a candy store! We had the opportunity to create five large scale installations all with the guidance and education that Trang provided.

The workshop was small and intimate with six amazing and talented women that attended. Some were florists, some were wedding planners and one woman was a floral enthusiast whose husband bought her a flower shop. I think we were all a tad jealous of her...or maybe that was just me.

Upon arrival Trang greeted us with a beautiful spread of goodies and coffee. She sat us down and explained how the workshop would unfold. She gave us a few tips and then we began on our first masterpiece...the floral staircase. She explained how we were to do it and guided us along the way. We went on to create more pieces, a triangle arch, a flower wall, a lavish sweetheart table piece and some beautiful angel wings. The angel wings are exclusive to Vo Floral design and if you would like to request them for your wedding, they are called “Love Beneath My Wings”. They have a beautiful meaning behind them as do her other signature pieces. Trang shared the meaning behind all of them and they have a lot of symbolism pertaining to her journey through the industry. She talked about all the wonderful people that helped her along the way and the importance of having “flower friends”. She was blessed with a gift and she was also blessed to come across all the right people. This is why she gives back so much of herself to this industry. She really took the time to tell us about her style and techniques. She didn’t shy away from any questions and she was really open and honest. I really appreciate that. 

At one point during the workshop we all had the opportunity to share how we came across Vo Floral Design. I can remember my first encounter vividly. It was several years ago that I had come across a photograph that featured her “Circle of Love” piece. I had never seen anything quite like it and I just HAD to know who designed it. All I had was the picture, no link, no reference, nothing. I searched and searched and finally came across an entire spread of this amazing stylized shoot for a blog piece on Style Me Pretty. It was done at a small venue in Gilroy, CA and I was surprised to find that the designer was fairly local. (Trang has her workshop out of San Leandro, CA.) I immediately started following her and became obsessed with her talent. As I shared this at the workshop I came to find out that was her first time creating that piece ever, and no one had done it before. That blog piece was what took her business to another level and the rest is history. Back then I would have never imagined I would ever have the chance to meet Trang, let alone work with her. I’ve had the pleasure of interning for her on several weddings last year. I can honestly say, I have learned a lot. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has for us. I look forward to working on more Weddings with my new flower friend, Trang Vo.



Floral Workshop: @vofloraldesign

Flowers Provided by: @unitedwholesaleflowers

Rentals: @standardpartyrentals

Venue: @heroranch

Design: @liz_smittenkiss & @cali_smittenkiss

Photography: @cassievalentephoto

Model: @issafoodbaby

Hair/Makeup: @facesbyemily

Gown: @lasoiebridal

Cake: @laviedoucedesign

Paper Goods: @jkdesigncal


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  • Thank you so much Julie! I’m so glad tha you enjoyed reading it.

  • Wow, I loved reading this! So much passion and creativity radiating throughout this page. As I was reading, I had the visual of a vast playground with endless resources for PLAY, the medicine of the soul. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to reading more of your pieces, they are beautifully written and so honoring of the artists in your life !


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